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▷ New Award: Redevelopment Project of Rosario Street in Villamartín

New Award of Public Street Redevelopment Project, in Cádiz · Andalusia

At the beginning of this year, Site and Field was the awarded company for the Redevelopment project of Rosario Street in Villamartín, for the Provincial Council of Cádiz.

This project aims to improve the street infrastructure, generating a positive impact on the quality of life of the residents and visitors of Villamartín.

The work to be carried out includes various stages, such as earthworks, canalization, urbanization and paving.

Our extensive experience in the construction sector and our dedication to excellence will ensure that all work is carried out efficiently, safely and in compliance with established quality standards.

Thank the Villamartín City Council and the Cádiz Provincial Council for trusting us to carry out this project. We are proud to be part of this initiative.

Congratulations to the Site and Field team! Building we continue to grow!

Site and Field, Global Solutions