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▷ Advantages and Types of Custom Prefabricated Swimming Pools: Thermopools, an innovative solution

With our Mediterranean climate, who has never thought about installing a swimming pool in your garden? However, we make many excuses for this idea because we think that the installation of a swimming pool is linked to a large economic outlay, debris, dirt, a lot of paperwork, and because generally when we start thinking about it, it is when we are already getting hot.

But all these excuses can disappear if we consider other possibilities, such as the installation of a prefabricated pool.

There are not only the construction pools, but also the prefabricated custom pools. This option is economical, clean, and especially fast, since the installation takes only two or three days, so the excuses are over. So for those of you who are wondering, work or prefabricated pool? The answer from Site and Field is clear: prefabricated.

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Installation of a prefabricated pool

The prefabricated pools are those that are already designed at the factory and the only thing to do is install them in an enabled space. Thanks to the fact that these are manufactured previously, they are well defended in small or more complicated spaces, since it is possible to acquire a custom prefabricated pool. In addition, the weight is lower than those of work, so if installed on a surface with weight limitations, prefabricated pools may be the best solution.

The fact that the design and manufacture of the material is already made before starting the installation makes this a very fast, simple and especially comfortable process due to the absence of debris. In addition, usually and obviously depending on the model chosen, the price of prefabricated swimming pools is much lower if we compare it with the average price of a construction pool.

Something that we have not mentioned yet is the possibility of installing prefabricated swimming pools inside a house. In this case, prefabricated swimming pools are still the most appropriate option, since, if the debris bothers in the garden, at home the works are even worse. In addition, inside the house you can not only install the pool, but a very popular option is to buy a prefabricated pool with spa or hot tub.

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Advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated swimming pools

In addition to the advantages we have mentioned above, we can contemplate some more if we go into detail.

First of all, the installation of prefabricated swimming pools is much faster than that of the construction pools, since we save the manufacturing process and we only keep the installation in a certain space, the time we reduce is abysmal if we compare it with what it takes to make a work pool.

When we ask ourselves, what is cheaper work or prefabricated pool? Also, we must think that not only are we going to spend our money on the installation, but everything requires further maintenance. But in this case, the balance also leans towards prefabricated pools since they require less maintenance and this is simpler and therefore cheaper.

This maintenance will be based on the review of the treatment plant, in the case of a prefabricated pool with treatment plant, and water conservation. However, for those who want to forget about maintenance during the colder months, they can opt for a removable prefabricated pool that is stored when the hot season ends.

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Faced with the great advantages of the prefabricated swimming pools that we have mentioned: the fast, easy and clean installation, the minimum maintenance and the low cost of a prefabricated swimming pool we must also emphasize two small inconveniences that these swimming pools present.

In the first place, you cannot get very creative with the design of your pool since the models are the ones there are, although it is true that in recent years hundreds of different models have been created that adapt to virtually all audiences: Prefabricated wooden pools, with beach and innumerable forms.

And secondly and lastly, prefabricated pools are usually made of high quality materials, but you should pay special attention to what you are buying or otherwise, the duration of your prefabricated pool will be much shorter than if you had installed a construction pool.

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Types of prefabricated pools

Although it may seem that all prefabricated pools are cut by the same pattern and possibly a few years ago it was, there are currently countless types of prefabricated pools to choose from . Here we leave you the most common models, but there are many more.

  • Rectangular polyester pool . It is undoubtedly the most chosen option for those interested in a prefabricated pool. Polyester allows easy adaptation to the ground. It usually includes a non-slip safety step, a ladder and a flat bottom of 1 meter and a half.
  • Polyester pool with small angles . This characteristic is what makes it so special and important since it allows a perfect adaptation to the terrain.
  • Elliptical polyester pools . This prefabricated pool is less common since the circular shape makes it irregular, so it does not adapt well to all terrains. This design dreams to accompany luxury properties.
  • Polyester pool with beach . We have already mentioned them in the previous point, but more emphasis can be placed on this type of prefabricated swimming pools. These pools are usually installed in one piece to avoid leaks. Specifically, they are pools that have a progressive slope of a non-slip material that simulates the shore of a beach.
  • Elongated polyester pools . This pool is ideal for the most sporty. Its main feature, as its name suggests, is the narrow width of the pool compared to the dimensions of the length, perfect for swimming at any time, since they can be installed both inside and outside the house.
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Pool with whirlpool . It is also a very common type of pool, although its small dimensions could make the name “prefabricated pool” too large. These pools are not made for swimming or for fun, but are designed to promote relaxation and well-being. They have hydromassage chairs and regulators to control the power of the water.
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Thermopools, the innovative solution in the market.

Thermopools are innovative prefabricated pools. It is a pool installation system by prefabricated insulating and waterproof modules . It differs from the other types of prefabricated pools because they dampen shock and strong vibrations and guarantee tightness .

The thermo pool materials ensure a duration not only in the short term, as is the case of other polyester pools, but also in the long term, simulating the duration of a construction pool.

Being individual modules facilitates installation on any terrain, however complicated or limited it may be , for example, in attics, in hotels, roofs, or individual dwellings. Similarly, these modules serve both to build a pool, as a spa.

This system is valid, not only for the installation of a pool as such, but also for the manufacture of the elements it needs, such as stairs, ramps, etc. In addition, the thermo pool system adapts to all audiences and can create the stairs of self-supporting modules for people with reduced mobility.

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Thermopools, like the rest of the prefabricated swimming pools, allow a quick and easy installation since it is a dry construction, where the waiting time is reduced only to a few hours, being ready to enjoy it. In addition, the ease of installation, and the exponential reduction in assembly time, as well as the absence of formwork and cranes means a real saving in labor .

Finally, and another of the great difference of the thermopools with the other prefabricated swimming pools is the energetic saving. The modules of this type of swimming pool are formed by an insulating core that supposes a great energy efficiency and, consequently, a great energy saving.

In Site and Field we take care of making this project real. Our thermopools allow installation in complex places, have a high resistance to water loads, reduce costs and of course, we make a correction of previous errors. If you want to put a state-of-the-art prefabricated pool, contact us and we will help you.