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▷ Artificial grass installation in terraces and gardens: Advantages and tips

Why install artificial grass on my terrace, attic or garden?

Artificial grass arises to replace the tedious natural grass. It is a realistic looking synthetic fiber surface. Originally it was used for sports. However, after discovering the countless advantages of natural grass , many people decided to install artificial grass in their homes, to decorate their attics, terraces and gardens.

Since this solution was launched onto the market, the appearance and maintenance of this type of grass has evolved in great strides, achieving an absolute similarity with natural grass. But it is not only the appearance that leads people to opt for it, it is pleasant to the touch , just like the natural one.

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But like everything, it has its negative point, although it is very easy to remedy. Artificial grass doesn’t smell like freshly cut grass. But for odor lovers, there are sanitizing products prepared to kill the bacteria that provide this pleasant smell.

Advantages of installing artificial grass or decorative

1- Simple installation

Laying artificial grass is easy, fast and safe . It hardly takes a few hours to give a totally different look to your space.

The artificial grass installation consists of four simple steps :

  1. Preparation of the terrain
  2. Placing the blanket on the surface
  3. Bonding of artificial grass carpet
  4. Sandblasting

2- Installation anywhere

Multipurpose installation is another advantage of artificial grass since artificial grass can be placed on earth, concrete, flooring or any firm surface , unlike natural grass It must be installed in terraced areas and always outdoors, this encourages the use and installation of artificial grass in terraces, attics or interiors .
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3- Minimum maintenance, economic savings and sustainability

Maintaining natural grass forces large areas to be watered daily, which is a great waste of water. With artificial grass there is no such problem since it does not require intensive watering to maintain itself. This entails great economic savings . Although, where you will really see the money saved will be with the products against pests and replanting of dry areas, which makes it much more ecological and sustainable.

The maintenance of artificial grass is minimal , just by watering occasionally, dust and impurities are removed to keep the fibers upright and in good condition.

4- Resistant to inclement weather

It is resistant to UVA rays, chlorine and frost, it is prepared to resist environmental agents just like natural grass. Also, if it is fire retardant it does not spread the flame, an important point to prevent accidents.

With all this, the wear is minimal . You will not have to worry about watering and maintenance at any time of the year, not even when leaving home for vacation.

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5- Drainage

Artificial grass has this characteristic, to a greater or lesser degree. From Site and Field we recommend choosing an artificial grass with greater drainage capacity.

This is essential to avoid puddles and unevenness in the pavement. In addition, it gives it an extra soft and fluffy texture thanks to the filling of a cryogenic mixture, which prevents ice from forming.

6- Strong and long-lasting

Quality artificial grass is estimated to last up to 15 years.

This grass is more resistant to damage caused by any external agent than natural grass, including footprints.

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7- Low abrasion

If you are going to enjoy small children of this grass or it is thought to carry out some type of sport, it is best to choose those artificial grass that have a low abrasion surface . In this way, it will not produce burns before possible falls.

Types of artificial grass : how to choose the best artificial grass

Before proceeding to the installation of the artificial grass we must know what types exist and which one is specific for a certain area. The solutions they provide will depend on whether it is functional or decorative grass.

1- Functional artificial grass

If what you are looking for is a synthetic grass for terraces, balconies or attics , this is the most recommended. It is also the most widely used commercially, at fairs or stands. This lawn has its own characteristics:

  • The height of the hair varies from 5 to 9 mm.
  • Can be chosen with or without drain. At Site and Field we recommend choosing with drainage.
  • They are usually single color.
  • It is the cheapest model, but it is also less realistic.
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2- Decorative artificial grass

This grass is the most used option for residential areas, gardens, natural land and sports or recreational councils . However, they can also be used in attics and terraces if you prefer a more natural look. These are its characteristics:

  • The height of the hair varies from 20 to 40 mm.
  • Most decorative artificial grass has a drainage capacity of 60 liters per minute per square meter.
  • The choice of colors is wider than the functional one. In decorative grass you can choose between two and three colors, which gives it a more realistic appearance.

Its appearance is exceptional, of freshly cut grass, soft to the touch, dense. In short, it is a realistic lawn to look at and comfortable to touch .

Ideal places to install the artificial grass

Creativity has no end, we can see artificial grass in places where we would never have imagined. For example, one way to lay grass, used by many interior decorators, is on the wall, on rugs, etc.

But undoubtedly the places where this type of grass is most used is in swimming pools or terraces .

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Install artificial grass for swimming pools

As we have previously said, the main advantage of installing artificial grass in swimming pools is low maintenance, it should only be watered infrequently to remove dust and cool it in hot weather.


In addition, this lawn is ideal for swimming pools because it does not accumulate water, which prevents puddles or slip accidents, such as tile floors. And last but not least, the grass does not accumulate heat reaching high temperatures, avoiding burns that do cause the floors to overheat more.

Hygiene and durability are other advantages of installing artificial grass in a swimming pool. The fibers, being of high quality and resistant to environmental agents, are very resistant. Thanks to this it will always be kept with a neat appearance. On the other hand, since it does not have mud, the accumulation of insects and bacteria is avoided.

Thanks to our thermo pools for quick installation and the decorative lawn , your garden will look better than ever.

Install artificial grass in terraces or attics

In order to install natural grass, you need two essential conditions : that the soil is suitable for planting the grass and that the spaces are open.

When we try to install natural grass on a terrace or an attic we realize that these conditions do not exist. However, the laying of artificial grass allows it to be carried out on any type of soil, and in terms of space, the grass boards adapt to any place.

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