what is the golden visa spain

What is the Golden Visa or Residence Visa for Acquisition of Real Estate in Spain

You may have heard of the Golden Visa that more and more investors try to obtain in Spain every day. If you are wondering what the Golden Visa is in Spain, the Golden Visa is a residence permit in Spain that is granted to foreigners who make an investment in our country, although it must be of a high amount.

how much cost to build a house in spain

How much does it cost to build a house in Spain

If you have wondered how much it can cost to build a 200-meter house, it is because you have, at least in part, the economic muscle to pursue that dream of many families in Spain and the world: that of being able to assume the cost of building your own house.

how to buy land to build a house

▷ How to buy land to build a house

The huge hole left by the COVID-19 pandemic in the economy is no secret to anyone, and the real estate sector does not escape this reality.

how to sell land or plot tips

▷ How to sell a rustic land or plot

Selling a land in Spain is a fairly simple task or not depending on the area and if you are well advised, in this article we are going to comment on some aspects to take into account when you want to sell a land or a plot and we will advise you on how to sell a plot quickly.

how to decorate a luxury house

▷ How to decorate a luxury home

Exclusivity, elegance and originality are the basic concepts on which the decoration of luxury homes is based, where making a difference has a great relevance, regardless of whether it is a house, a villa or a mansion.

trend in minimalist houses

▷ Trend and style in modern minimalist houses

Minimalist houses can be considered as a synonym for modern houses. And it is that minimalism has become the representative architectural style of this time, taking various influences and sharing some concepts.

what is a real estate personal shopper

▷ What is a real estate personal shopper?

The term personal shopper is increasingly used, widely used in the fashion sector, but this concept is also applied to the real estate sector, specifically to the purchase of houses, hence the real estate personal shopper was born.

construccion de nave industrial

▷ Construction of an industrial warehouse, step by step

In the area of industrial construction is the construction of industrial buildings. Industrial buildings are used in the production or storage of materials or products of a company, it can also contain machinery. They are large and open spaces to facilitate the transit of people and goods without obstacles.

materiales de construccion tipos usos

▷ Construction materials, types and uses

Building materials are of course necessary to build a house or building. In Spain stone, clay and wood have traditionally been used as enveloping materials, that is, those used for facades and roofs.

tipos de estructuras de edificios

▷ Types of building structures

Depending on the types of buildings, different types of building structures are needed. The structure is the support that resists the loads that act on it. The loads, in turn, are the elements that affect the structure and generate deformations.

empresa contratista del estado madrid

▷ Site and Field earns State Contractor Classification

The classification of State contractor is an essential condition for the Administration to establish which companies and with what category they can contract with the different State, local, regional or state administrations.

diferencias edificacion obra civil

▷ Differences between Edification, Civil Works and Public Works

We offer you a complete guide in which you can understand what is civil works, what is edification and what we mean when we talk about public works. We will define each of the terms and we will see an example so that you can assimilate each concept.

buying land tips

▷ What to know before buying land to build a house

Searching and finding the perfect land to build a prefabricated house or a modular house is the first and most important thing in the process of building a custom house, according to your tastes. Once we have the purchased plot will condition the construction of the house, so below, we give you some tips so you know how to choose the land well.

Attic Terrace Decoration Ideas

▷ 9 Attic Terrace Decoration Ideas

When it comes to decorating attic terraces there are many options that we have at our disposal. The first thing to assess is if we have enough space inside the house or if we need more, since in this case we have the option to build on a terrace and thus gain a few square meters that will be very useful.