Attic Terrace Decoration Ideas

▷ 9 Attic Terrace Decoration Ideas

When it comes to decorating attic terraces there are many options that we have at our disposal. The first thing to assess is if we have enough space inside the house or if we need more, since in this case we have the option to build on a terrace and thus gain a few square meters that will be very useful.

In the case that you are thinking of buying an attic you are interested in informing yourself about what the flight right is, since it is the one that will determine, together with the regulations of the neighborhood community, whether or not you can make an enclosure or if you can build on the built and lift a second floor over your own attic.

1 · Visualize your decorating ideas of your attic

In the design and decoration of attic terraces there are many factors that we must take into account. Although it is normal that if you have just bought your apartment or are redecorating you want to run to buy furniture and overpopulate the terrace, you need to take some time to plan.

The most important thing is to take into account the real space you have and the different areas you want to get, and based on this, make a small design or sketch of the distribution you are looking for. This will help you visualize better if you can really have it all or if it is better that you dispense with some areas to leave a clearer and more practical space.

penthouse terrace design

2 · Take care of the privacy of your terrace

In the decoration of attic terraces, privacy becomes a really important point if there are neighbors nearby who can see ours from their windows or terraces. The good thing is that there are different means of giving privacy to a terrace that, at the same time, also serve to provide freshness.

A good pergola and its corresponding awning are essential in most terraces. However, we can also resort to the use of awnings and articulated umbrellas.

To get more intimacy on the sides we can use lattices with climbing plants, reed rolls, heather or similar.

3 · Choose the most suitable soil

Before buying furniture and accessories you must have the most suitable flooring. The floor should always be the most suitable for the purpose for which you spend that area of your terrace .

There are very specific areas that must have their own floor accordingly, as in the case you want to build or have swimming pools in attics. In this case it is essential that in the surroundings there is a floor that prevents slips and through which you can walk barefoot without puncturing or burning, a very typical fault in the decoration of attics. This should then be a special pavement for wet areas or artificial turf.

In general, flees from the tiled floors that accumulate heat (the dark ones are the ones that accumulate the most), since in summer, if you want to walk barefoot, they do not let you do it, however, a Soil like artificial turf, which also burns in summer, if you water it with a hose it holds you a good cool time and lets you try that unique sensation of walking barefoot through your own attic.

Artificial turf is the most versatile surface for decorating an attic, but it has a weak point, and is its use for food areas, it brings freshness and elegance, but it is not very functional since food, if it falls, can “disappear”, and be harder to be rescued than on other surfaces.

lawn for terraces and attics

The turf is not recommended for the barbecue area, if you want and / or you can have one, since it requires its space, and also not in all neighboring communities its use is allowed, unfortunately. For that barbecue area, a soil that is not clear is ideal, since in the barbecue there are always fluids such as oil or grease that can stain the soil. Of course, consider that the soil material that accompanies the barbecue is not flammable.

Therefore, our recommendation is, as a general rule for all spaces, artificial turf or “dress them” with special wooden flooring for outdoor use, which has the ability to create very cozy spaces.

Another decorative alternative is the PVC carpets, which are increasingly being used and are very easy to maintain. You can also create different spaces using decorative stones.

4 · Plants are the protagonists of terraces in big cities like Madrid

An element that can never be missing in the decoration of attic terraces is the green color of the plants, especially in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, in which, depending on where you live, you may not see any green areas from your home.

Here the range of options is infinite. You can choose climbing plants if you have some type of lattice, or opt for somewhat smaller plants, whether perennial or seasonal. Planting them in pots will make it easier for you to find the most suitable place for them, so that they receive the right dose of light and shade they need to grow.

terrace attic decoration penthouses

The weak point of decorating your terrace with plants is that they need irrigation, and that can be an insurmountable conditioner. If this is your case, the best option is the decoration with artificial plants , which obviously do not require any care other than cleaning, and you have a wide variety of plants of all colors, you choose .

5 · Create an area to eat in your attic terrace design

No attic terrace design is complete if there is no table and chairs or benches that allow us to sit outside to eat, or just to take a coffee or read a book.

You have many options of tables and chairs to choose from, but it is recommended that you choose designs that suit your tastes and needs, and that match if possible with the ground you have chosen for that area.

Also, if you want to be able to enjoy your terrace even in winter, you can consider something that is very fashionable, the attic terrace enclosures. So you can enjoy the dining area with the family throughout the year, which will allow you to take advantage of other spaces in the house.

6 · Keys to choose furniture for attic terraces

The choice of furniture for attic terraces should always be done with a head, since you should only decorate your terrace with outdoor furniture if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises. It is important to choose furniture designed with materials specially designed to be outdoors. But a smart choice means that in addition to the style we look at the materials and maintenance they need.

Also, whether the terrace is not too large or too large, it is always a good alternative to choose furniture that can be folded and that is easy to move and allow you to adapt the available space according to the needs you have at all times.

Along with practical furniture such as the table and chairs, there should also be room for furniture designed for rest, such as a sunbed or a seesaw.

attic terrace penthouse

7 · Don't miss the lighting

The terraces can be used throughout the year, but to be able to use them during the night it is important to have good lighting. A world of possibilities opens up here.

To illuminate large areas we can use LED street lamps or balls. If you are looking for a more indirect lighting you can use artificial candles and even torches if you have a very large terrace and there is no risk of burning anything.

In the gazebo area you should always bring a little more light with garlands of lights similar to those used in Christmas trees.

8 · Leave the complements for last

Once the terrace has already taken shape it is time to think about the complements. You can follow the same theme for the entire terrace or combine styles and materials.

There are many options to add small touches of decoration to outdoor spaces: pots, plants, river stones, fountains, lights, old objects rescued from street markets

However, it is advisable not to abuse the accessories, they must be the right ones to give a unique touch to the exterior space of your house but without converting them at a disadvantage when it comes to having everything collected and clean.

trees for terrace attic

9 · Enjoy your terrace

Decorating an attic terrace will take some time, but the result will surely be a success. Once everything is in its place the best thing you can do is enjoy your terrace to the fullest, be it winter or summer.

It’s the best place to meet with family and friends and even have a nice and quiet time alone in the company of a good book.

attic terrace decoration

If you do not have enough with these ideas, and you want the help of professionals, we can help you, both in decoration and in terrace design, or in more complicated technical aspects such as information on right to fly or be able to raise a floor on your own terrace.

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