Cad. 42 Innovation in Preventive Labor Safety and Efficiency in Work Productivity

▷ Cad. 42 Innovation in Preventive Labor Safety and Efficiency in Work Productivity

Cad. 42, Innovative Platform in Work Safety and Productivity

Site and Field presents its Intelligent Labor Security System.

The internet of things (IOT) is revolutionizing our daily lives, but also the activity of companies. In terms of occupational safety, great advances are being made with connectivity.

We are talking about a new technological product that is being a shock in terms of innovation in occupational risk prevention.

The Cad.42 system allows the geolocation of workers through the personal protection equipment (PPE) that they use. Cad.42 is the brand that encompasses a set of solutions for the world of prevention at work, but also has a great impact in terms of increasing productivity on site, because it facilitates a more efficient management of human resources and materials.

The permanent geolocation and real-time monitoring allows technical personnel to better organize the production and that is that the efficiency of the geolocation system is very precise: 30 centimeters, both indoors and outdoors.

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CAD.42 range products

These are the new products that make up the Cad.42 security and productivity system.


The reflective vest is one of the most used safety PPE in the works. The vest.42 model is equipped with a geolocation device that allows security teams to act quickly in the event of an accident.

It also provides information to those responsible for organizing the work within the work.

Boitier42 and Elsa42

They are geolocation devices that have an SOS button. This allows the operator in danger to alert emergency services when necessary. It is a great ally in jobs in remote or solo places.

Boitier 42 is a handheld device.

Elsa42 is integrated into a special bracelet. Both are equipped with a fall and tilt detection system

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Field Tracker cloud platform

All geolocation devices are controlled from this online platform. Operators are represented by a BIN integration system that reproduces a complete model of the entire work.

In the application all resources can be identified with great precision and all the information is displayed in real time.


With the Piros.42 system we can have all the objects connected to the Field Tracker platform. With it you can locate the protection elements as security fences or cones and also the different machinery.

Thus we can detect if an operator is in the path of an excavator, for example.

Data analysis with Cad. 42

Thanks to the monitoring of resources in the work we anticipate dangerous situations and better plan the safety in the work. Productivity reports of the different human and material resources can also be prepared.

The information is made with total guarantee of the anonymity of the operators, complying with the data protection regulations.

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Awards won by Cad.42

The Cad.42 system has earned the most important awards for security innovation :

  • “Safety Digitalization” Award, Sacyr Challenge 2019
  • 5G Orange Award, Vivatech 2019
  • Award in the “Plan Build” category of the StartUp Europe Awards, 2019
  • Finalist in the EDF Pulse 2018

It is clear that technological innovation can make our lives easier in many sectors, but in the field of occupational safety it is especially useful and important. With the Cad.42 system, productivity and risk prevention will be increased making the workplace a friendlier and safer place.

For more information you can contact Site and Field or go to our page Cad. 42 Intelligent Security System .