what is the rebar

▷ The importance of rebar in construction: Types, uses and more

Construction is an activity that requires a wide variety of materials and techniques to achieve safe and durable structures. One of the most important elements in this area is rebar, consisting of corrugated steel bars used to give strength and support to concrete structures.

In this article, we will analyze the importance of rebar in construction, its types and uses, and how its correct implementation is crucial to guaranteeing the stability and longevity of buildings.

Importance of rebar in construction

Rebar is essential in construction because it provides strength and support to concrete structures.

Concrete is a material that is highly resistant to compression, but has little resistance to traction and shear stress.

For this reason, rebar is used to improve these properties, since corrugated steel is a material that has excellent resistance to traction and shear stress.

The combination of concrete and rebar, known as reinforced concrete, makes it possible to create stronger and more durable structures.

The rebar is placed inside the concrete structures, so that when a load or stress occurs on the structure, the rebar absorbs most of the stress, preventing the concrete from cracking or collapsing.

types of rebar

Types of rebar

There are different types of rebar, which are classified according to their shape and characteristics. Some of the most common types are:

Corrugated bars

They are the most widely used in construction and are characterized by having a rough surface that improves adhesion to concrete.

These bars are manufactured in different diameters and lengths, and can be bent or cut according to the needs of the project.

Electrically welded mesh

They are prefabricated panels of corrugated steel bars that are joined by electric welding. They are mainly used on slabs, pavements and walls, and allow you to save time and effort when placing the rebar.

Prestressing cables

They are high-strength steel cables that are tensioned before the concrete is poured, and are used in prestressed concrete structures.

This type of rebar makes it possible to create more slender structures with greater spans, since it reduces the amount of concrete and steel needed.

uses of the rebar

Uses of rebar in construction

Rebar is used in a wide variety of construction applications, some of the most common are:


The rebar is essential in the construction of foundations, as it provides resistance and stability to the structures. It is used in footings, foundation slabs and piles, among others.

Columns and pillars

These vertical load-bearing elements require rebar to support the loads to which they are subjected and prevent deformation or collapse.

Beams and slabs

Reinforced concrete beams and slabs require rebar to resist the loads and efforts to which they are subjected, such as the own weight of the structure and variable loads (people, furniture, etc.).

Walls and walls

Rebar is used in reinforced concrete walls and walls to improve its resistance and stability, especially in seismic areas or with risk of ground movements.

In conclusion, rebar is an essential element in construction, since it allows the creation of stronger and more durable reinforced concrete structures. It is important to know the different types of rebar and their uses to guarantee the correct implementation in each project, and thus ensure the stability and longevity of the buildings.