Site and Field launches corporate website

▷ Site and Field launches corporate website

​Site and Field, International Constructor, launches a website, much more complete and with a more original design.

New modern, responsive, intuitive and friendly website

Site and Field renews its website, a new, more modern, striking design with a structure that facilitates navigation, thus allowing you to quickly find the content that interests users.

Among its innovations it is necessary to emphasize a greater organization of the different categories, menus and better structure. The most ordered menus and most precise categories allow users to find the content they are looking for more quickly and accurately. Promoting simple and agile navigation.

The new website adapts perfectly to any type of digital device, thanks to its responsive design, respecting its corresponding resolutions of each device.

Other things have not changed, like the previous version, it is a completely Spanish-English multilanguage page, since the scope of Site and Field is both National and International.

web constructora multilenguaje espanol ingles

New website, new structure and new sections

With the change of structure new sections have appeared such as:

    • Construction: Section to include all the services related to the construction carried out by Site and Field, little by little other urls will be incorporated to the current 2, Custom House Construction and International Subcontracting.
    • Rehab: Here is one of the main services of Site and Field, Attic Lovers, and in the same way, more services will be added to this tab in the near future.
    • Consulting: With project and service management in relation to it.
    • Innovation:: Where the star product of the season is presented, the “Thermo Pools”, opening its catalog of Innovative Solutions. The Innovative Solutions of Site and Field are a series of improvements of their products, which in turn care for and protect the Environment.
    • Projects: In greater detail and many photos, Site and Field presents several of his works around the world.
    • Blog: Content related to the Construction, Architecture and Engineering sector will be uploaded periodically.
secciones nueva web siteandfield

The web shows a more modern and attractive image. Offering a space for easy reference and navigation.

Site and Field is the fusion of modern Architecture and Engineering. Being leaders in consulting services, engineering administration and project architecture, sustainable construction and integrated delivery solutions. Contact the best, contact Site and Field.