Thermo Pools innovative modular self supporting solution

▷ Site and Field presents its “Thermo Pools”, an innovative, modular and self-supporting solution

The construction company Site and Field launches the “Thermo Pool”, an innovative solution in swimming pool construction materials.

New modular pool installation system

This new pool construction system is based on prefabricated modules prepared for their final coating, they are insulating and waterproof. Between his properties emphasizes that they guarantee the tightness, cushion the blows and the strong vibrations. Modular pools have a high resistance index in the short and long term.

Self-supporting modules are suitable for swimming pools and spas. You can install these pools in attics of communities of owners, roofs, hotels or install the pool in a single house or chalet.

The Thermo Pools provide great advantages and help accessibility. Install a pool in your attic

Site and Field builds and installs modular pools, its self-supporting system facilitates access and installation in complex locations. It supports water loads and provides a structural lightening of up to 2,400 kg / m3 compared to 80 kg / m3 of traditional concrete.

The “Termo Piscinas” system is also used for the manufacture of pool elements, such as stairs, ramps, benches in the case of spas, or for changes of traditional metal staircase by the ladder of self-supporting modules facilitating the universal accessibility for people with reduced mobility. This is done without the need for the construction of a construction pool or the construction of concrete pools, since they are modules.

It allows a quick and easy installation because it is a dry construction, without waiting time and ready for its final coating.

proyecto construccion piscina privada

Swimming pools that produce significant energy and labor savings

The modular elements of this type of pool are formed by an insulating core that provides energy efficiency and, therefore, considerable energy savings both during the operation of the pool and throughout its useful life.

In the same way, the ease of installation, the drastic reduction of assembly times due to its prefabrication and the non-use of various auxiliary means (formwork, cranes, etc …), as in the construction of traditional swimming pools, all this causes significant savings in workforce.

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