types of fences for chalet tubes

Types of modern fences for houses

The fences for houses currently fulfill several functions: on the one hand, delimit the area belonging to a certain property. On the other, to serve as a protective barrier, and lastly, also as an essential decorative element, since it is the first thing the visitor sees.

You can choose between different types of fences for villas, and get the one that meets your requirements and works harmoniously with the design of the house and the characteristics of the land.

Fences for villas

Fences are one of the oldest architectural elements created by the human being, so much so that it is not possible to know when the first protective fence was established, which was surely used to protect of beasts and enemies, and later to guard animals.

With the rise of cities and farmland, fences, fences and walls became more common, acquiring different shapes and sizes.

The different types of fences for chalets that currently exist are descendants of these ancient wooden or stone fences, which served as protection and shelter for human beingssince time immemorial.

types of fences for classic chalet

Fences for chalet enclosures

The fences to enclose chalets are those that surround the house and the garden and still use old materials, such as stone and wood.

The fences for the enclosure of chalets generally must be high and resistant, to guarantee protection and safety. They must be dense, to guarantee privacy, and must harmonize with the architecture of the home, and even with the regional architectural style (which even may be mandatory, through municipal ordinances).

Wooden fences for houses

They are among the oldest types of chalet fences, but are still used for their rustic elegance, and because they continue to provide security.

Vertical wooden fences painted white are among the most widely used fences for chalets, sometimes reinforced with an inconspicuous, but effective electric fence on top.

Unpainted, horizontally arranged wooden fences also offer a nice rustic look, while providing security and privacy.

Likewise, fences for chalets made with round logs and little worked are popular, which offers an even more natural appearance to the eye.

wooden chalet fence

But there are also modern fences for chalets that use wood combined with other materials, such as concrete, or incorporating potted plants, or covering them with vines.

In any case, we must bear in mind, when we use wood in the fences for chalets, that it is a material that needs more attention than others, such as stone or metal fences.

Wooden fences must be treated against possible pests such as termites and other insects, and must submit to regular waterproofing.

Metal fences of iron and stainless steel

However, it is increasingly common to see metal fences surrounding the most varied chalets, using materials such as iron and stainless steel.

Although these materials are mainly associated with urban environments, fences made with iron plates, and worked with an artistic sense, can give a chalet a different touch, in addition to the protection and privacy they offer.

They require less maintenance than wooden ones, and are more difficult to break. In the market there is a great variety of styles and proposals to make fences for chalets with these materials.

types of fences for brick chalet

Aluminum fences for chalets

They are the modern fences for chalets par excellence, along with the iron and stainless steel fences.

The great advantage of aluminum fences for villas over fences made of other materials is that they require little maintenance, they do not rust, and although it is a relatively light material, they can offer the same security and privacy than iron or steel fences.

You can get aluminum fences in vertical bars, simulating the appearance of classic wooden fences finished in a point, combined with low stone walls, or attached to concrete columns every few meters.

types of fences for modern chalet

You can also choose more modern designs of this material (if they adapt to the style of the chalet), such as the one with aluminum sheets intertwined with tubular structures; or blind-type structures, which allow the passage of air while maintaining privacy and security.

Aluminum is a very versatile material, which you can use as a sheet, plate, tube or crossbar. You can paint it or leave it with its natural color, and you can place it with stone or cement frames, or attached to another metal structure.

It is an inexpensive material, easy to transport and reliable once it has been installed. It is durable, and also 100% recyclable.

That is why aluminum fences for villas are used more and more. Its lightness and versatility can offer you the possibility of making a more personal fence, combining the different shapes and symmetries that aluminum can take.

Another advantage is that the entrance doors to the perimeter area of the chalet can also be made of this material, a las it can be n adapt motors and rails or wheels, reinforcing safety and maintaining aesthetics.

You can get aluminum fences for villas, from very cheap prices, to very expensive designs. The price will be determined by the model you choose and the area it will cover.

Aspects to consider before installing fences to enclose chalets

If you are going to install fences for chalets around your home, you should consult a professional, to choose the material and style that best suits you.

The offer to install fences is very large, as can be seen just by looking on the internet, and there are fences that can be installed by an amateur, to fences that require the work of professionals.

Remember that to install a perimeter fence you must have municipal permits, a building license and comply with local urban planning regulations (which could determine the type of fence you are going to be able to place).

You can also explore modern villa fences made with other materials, such as bamboo, PVC, crushed stone in steel mesh, brick, adobe, etc.

There are endless possibilities… that’s why in Site and Field, luxury home builder, we know everything about it.