Augmented reality in construction

▷ Augmented reality in construction

Augmented reality in construction is a technology with which you can visualize in detail what a building will look like, long before it is built, right where you are standing, surrounded by other real objects.

With augmented reality for construction, you will be able to see the precise location of further construction details, while the first foundations are just being started. This will allow any construction error to be anticipated in real time.

Differences between virtual reality and augmented reality

It is very common for people who are not experts on the subject, or who are just starting out with this technology, to tend to confuse this technological concept with that of virtual reality.

In virtual reality you are completely immersed in a totally fictional environment.

However, with the concept of augmented reality you will be able to integrate any fictitious object into your real environment, without altering the perspectives of it or of the real objects.

what is augmented reality construction

Using augmented reality construction technology, those who execute the works as well as the engineers and architects will always have real perspectives of the entire work, while the routine construction work is carried out step by step.

They will be able, for example, to see where the electrical conduits, the sewage pipes, the future main facade, a parking lot, a main gate, a swimming pool, etc., will go, while, for example, the earthworks of the work are being carried out.

Advantages of augmented reality in construction

Construction augmented reality allows the owner of the work and potential clients to observe and perceive the real dimensions and details of a house, local, residential, office or apartment, before they are built.

All this without the need to use models and being able to execute modifications that can be seen immediately.

From what has been said above, it is clear that augmented reality in construction is a technology that improves understanding between builders, owners and clients, allowing higher levels of satisfaction at the end of the work.

What is augmented reality used for in construction

History of augmented reality under construction

From the technical point of view of architecture and construction engineering, construction augmented reality is the beginning of a new era in this field. Until 1990 the design of a work was done with a pencil, a scale, squares and paper.

Then came the stage of computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM), which technologically revolutionized the way of working, until the current technology of augmented reality arrived.

How does augmented reality work in construction?

The latest advances in artificial intelligence software, applied to augmented reality construction, have made it possible to insert fictitious objects perfectly synchronized with the perspectives of real objects in a photo or through special glasses.

The precision of augmented reality is so high that it allows physical measurements to be taken, between real and fictitious objects, with a very small margin of error.

uses augmented reality for construction

Computers, tablets and smartphones for augmented reality

The augmented reality construction app software is fully compatible with many devices, so you already have the basic hardware to use this technology.

On the other hand, the construction details are already digitized in CAD and BIM. Therefore, the augmented reality software will take the data from the digitized plans and, through artificial intelligence algorithms, will be able to insert the fictitious objects in the photos and videos that you take with your phone or tablet. .

Currently, with construction augmented reality, you can make changes to the project from the same phone or tablet, when you don’t like a detail. Such changes can be backed up in the cloud (Drive, OneDrive) and shared in real time with many other users.

Among the construction and augmented reality software we can mention Morpholio AR Sketchwalk, which is compatible with the IOS and Android operating systems. In addition, the Air Measure and Augmen app are also used, which are compatible with many phones and tablets.

HoloLens augmented reality glasses

Developed and manufactured by the Microsoft company, the HoloLens glasses for construction and augmented reality are widely used, due to their relative low cost and accuracy. These glasses are a step ahead of the construction augmented reality app mentioned above, since they use the concept of the holographic image.

With these glasses your hands will be free to carry out any task, while you observe the holographic image of the entire work, through the glasses. In addition, you will be able to make the modifications that you think are convenient, touching the buttons of a virtual menu.

augmented reality construction

DAQRI Smart Helmet for augmented reality

The company DAQRI designed this reality safety helmet augmented construction to adapt to the real conditions of a construction environment.

The helmet integrates high-precision virtual reality goggles and you will also be properly protected.

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