▷ What you need to know about the construction of luxury houses in Spain

There is no single concept that defines a luxury home as it has different synonyms such as exclusive single-family homes, modern homes or designer homes. What these terms do have in common is that they refer to unique and personalized spaces for each owner or client.

Modern luxury houses can be houses built in mountains, although there is also demand to build luxury houses on the beach, in the country or in the city.

They are characterized by their level of quality, their size and modern design adapted to trends.

The demand for the construction of houses and luxury homes in Spain has grown, specifically the construction of villas in Costa del Sol and Cádiz, but the reform of a luxury house in Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, etc. has also increased. This process of building a home, of designing a new home, is a joint effort between the construction company and the owner.

Smart luxury homes

Privacy, technology and sustainability

Luxury homes currently follow a marked trend towards technology and for this reason they are spaces where home automation reigns and make the place a smart home where daytime comfort prevails. day.

At the same time, are ecological and sustainable spaces, completely friendly to the environment and where minimalist designs, open areas, colors full of warmth and high ceilings that denote elegance stand out.

Now more than ever, luxury homes are those ideal places to get away from the daily routine in settings of privacy, relaxation and security.

Their essential characteristics, the quality of the materials, their sizes or shapes and, of course, their location, be it in the mountains, the countryside, the city or the beach, are key points that should be valued.

Minimalist design

In a luxury villa with a minimalist design you will always see pure materials, an accentuated presence of geometric shapes, warm tones and clean textures. These are places where the criterion of “less is more” stands out.

If you prefer spaces where simplicity becomes elegance, where large windows and high ceilings stand out, we are talking about a luxury villa with minimalist architecture.

construction of a luxury house

Smart luxury homes

Smart luxury homes are the perfect option that allows to control the operation of various electrical appliances and appliances remotely and with complete comfort.

With just one click, you can control lighting, temperature, blinds, not to mention that you can also manage external surveillance alarms and even automatic cleaning through air systems located in strategic sectors of the house.

In this technological age, renting or buying smart luxury homes is having a place with all the technological components that will make your stay easier.

To the above, it must be added that the automation of these houses provides a high level of security, since the systems can be programmed to respond to specific cases such as intruders or a fire.

At Site & Field we are experts in building custom houses, specializing in the construction of luxury villas in Cádiz , Costa del Sol, or any national or international destination.

luxury villas in costa del sol cadiz ibiza

Luxury villa eco-efficient

When you want to build luxury villas, mansions or houses, another aspect to take into account is that they are ecological and sustainable places where the generation of their own energy resources is possible. Places where the relationship with the environment is friendly.

For this reason, an eco-efficient luxury villa must have solar panels that generate electricity, while it is advisable to have large double-glazed windows that allow maximum use of sunlight.

Eco-efficient luxury villa

What do you need to know to build a luxury home?

When you are looking for the construction of luxury villas, mansions or houses there are conditions that you need to cover so that they become the ideal places to live or spend the holidays:

The location, for example, luxury homes in Malaga and Cádiz

Luxury houses should be located in private places that allow you to rest at ease. It does not matter if it is the beach, the mountain or a place away from the city, the important thing is that they are in a space where you can relax with family or friends totally and with privacy. That is why the choice to buy land to build in Malaga, Cádiz, or anywhere, is a decision that needs a good prior analysis.

location luxury villas spain

The rooms of a luxury house

How many rooms should a luxury villa, mansion or house have? The number of rooms will depend on the space and square meters of the luxury house you have in total.

From this measure the design of the modern or more classic luxury house will be made. The luxury villa should be designed so that each guest feels comfortable and has privacy. But, in addition, these rooms should have pleasant colors, an automated lighting system and the right temperature. Everything that is going to benefit those who will occupy those rooms.

The swimming pool of a luxury villa

It is inevitable to think of a villa and not associate it with a luxury house with a pool, both a pool and a jacuzzi are synonymous with the luxury that mansions or houses should display. The most common swimming pools that we can find in a high standing house are usually heated and they are also frequently equipped with a Jacuzzi with hydromassage.

luxury home pool

Entertainment and physical activity

Another room that a luxury home usually has is a room for entertainment, a hobby room with a movie screen to watch movies, or a children’s play area. On the other hand, for some users they need to build in the luxury home a gym, so as not to lose their training routine.

However, it is also common to reform luxury houses in Marbella, Estepona or Cádiz to add rooms or adapt the house to the current needs of the family.

In Spain, luxury houses and villas in Costa del Sol, Cádiz, Ibiza...

Some of the insurmountable destinations to build luxury villas, mansions or houses in our country are Cádiz, where a large number of buyers want to invest, Marbella, which attracts for its climate and gastronomy, and Ibiza, for its nightlife and its paradisiacal beaches.

Benahavís, on the Costa del Sol, is also part of the list for its mountains and tourist infrastructure, while Estepona’s promenades also attract hundreds of potential buyers who are looking for land to build a luxury home in Malaga.

At Site and Field we have our own human team for the construction of luxury houses, villas or mansions. Our experience as international construction company allows us to offer personalized attention to any client who wishes to build a house in Spain, either English, German, Belgian, Dutch, etc, the language is not a problem. In addition, we manage all the necessary building licenses for the construction of the house.

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