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▷ Differences between Edification, Civil Works and Public Works

Edification and civil works what is it

Many companies look for business opportunities in the construction sector without being very clear about civil works, or what the differences are edification and civil works. The infrastructure sector is one of the most profitable when it comes to investing, both locally and internationally, but it is necessary to know all these terms to to be able to make the most of each project.

Next, we offer you a complete guide in which you can understand what is civil works, what is building and what we mean when we talk about public works. We will define each of the terms and we will see an example so that you can assimilate each concept.

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What is a civil work

We are going to start by defining what civil works is . If you are thinking of investing in construction , you will often find offers that refer to civil works projects.

A civil work is one that aims to provide a service to citizens .

The civil works projects are usually linked to the construction of roads, airports, bridges or ports to facilitate maritime communication.

Civil works allow societies to grow economically and improve the quality of life of all citizens of a given territory.

que es obra civil

What is a public work

When we talk about public works we refer to any construction project that has been planned and executed by public administrations . These constructions are usually financed by taxes paid by citizens.

Some examples of public works could be public transport networks, the lighting of towns and cities or the sewers . The purpose of these infrastructures is to provide a service to the population without expecting an economic benefit in return.

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What is a edification

You have already understood what civil works and public works are. Now we are going to see what we mean by building. Edification refers to the construction of buildings and buildings for the protection of human beings.

The most obvious example of construction is the houses, the houses in which we live. But the group of buildings also includes other buildings such as shopping centers, churches, office buildings or theaters.

Differences between a edification and a civil work

Once the three terms have been defined and the concept of civil works is assimilated, we are going to consolidate your knowledge by listing the main differences between building and civil works.

Despite the fact that sometimes the terms can be confused, we will speak of building whenever the construction implies the creation of a closed space that aims to offer protection to the human being.

However, when we talk about civil works, we may be referring to outdoor constructions, such as roads or bridges. The way to access each type of construction project is also different.

A construction project building can be designed and planned by any company that wants to dedicate itself to the construction sector making their investment profitable with the sale or rental of real estate.

In the case of residential buildings, constructions can also be planned by cooperatives seeking to save money on construction and use the houses for their own use.

In civil works projects tenders can be opened in which companies present their candidacy to undertake the works and obtain an economic benefit.

diferencias obra civil obra publica

Differences between a civil work and a public work

To clarify the differences between civil works and public works the first thing you must understand is that any public works are civil works. A public works are always destined to the construction of an infrastructure that offers a service to the citizenship, as is the case with civil works.

And now you might think: “So all civil works are also public”. This is one of the biggest doubts that arise when you come across these two terms, but we are going to clarify it below.

A civil work does not have to be public, since it can be designed and planned by a private initiative. Surely on more than one occasion you have heard the term “private work”.

What is a private work

A private work is any construction that is promoted by a non-governmental entity. Private work is always carried out to obtain an economic benefit from it, either by selling or renting any of its parts or by charging a certain amount to access it.

We can find private works in buildings and civil works, but never in public works. In the case of buildings, construction companies undertake the works with the aim of selling or renting homes, commercial premises or office buildings.

In the case of civil works, a private initiative can plan and design a construction to make its investment profitable by charging an amount for each person who wants to enjoy the service.

A well-known case is that of the highways, in which a private company can undertake the work and limit its access to all those who are willing to pay for their use.

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Conclusion and definitions

Has it been clear to you what is civil works and what is its difference with the term building? Let’s do a short summary to strengthen your knowledge.

  • Civil works: It is all that construction dedicated to offering a service to citizens. Civil works can have a public or private initiative . In the case of private initiative, the objective will be to obtain an economic benefit from the construction.
  • Edification: It is the construction dedicated to offering a shelter to the human being. There are many types of buildings , and the initiative can also be public or private.
  • Public works: It is the infrastructure dedicated to offering a service to citizens, but always designed and planned by the State’s public bodies. The financing of these constructions comes from the collection of taxes, and in the event that the works are executed by the administration, they will never have the objective of obtaining an economic benefit.
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