diferencias entre constructora promotora inmobiliaria

▷ Differences between constructor, property developer and real estate

Constructor, Real Estate and Developer are terms that tend to be confused, since the difference between each one and the services they provide is not clear to the conventional user or client.

Anyone who decides to buy a home can make the mistake of thinking that a construction company, a developer and a real estate agency are the same, but in reality they are not.

Each of these companies are different and enter a different moment in the process of building and selling a home, and that is where their difference lies. In this article we are going to explain the difference between a real estate, a developer and a construction company.

fases del proceso de construccion

Phases of the construction and sale process of a house:

In the construction of a house we differentiate three stages:

1- Planning of job needs.

2- Construction of the property.

3- Marketing or sale of the property, house, office, etc …

Within each stage in which we find ourselves in the project, the intervention of one or another company will be more appropriate , given the specialization in the service provided at all times, some are dedicated to building, the construction company, and others to sell, real estate.

What is a property promoter ?

A promoter is specialized in promoting the construction of new properties, they promote the construction of houses that will later be sold. It can be called a promoter or property developer.

The developer is in charge of looking for buildable land on which to build houses, buys that land to later build .

It also presents the project to be carried out and obtains the financing to carry it out through the construction of houses.

The company that is in charge of the construction of the project is the construction company , who will work hand in hand with the real estate agency. There are large real estate companies that within their own organization have their own construction company, even their own real estate agency, providing service in each of the phases of construction and marketing or sale of homes, but it is not usual, the normal thing is that real estate and construction are independent companies.

It is also possible that a private person buys a piece of land and can act as a developer of the house that she wants to build for herself. It usually happens when you want to build a custom chalet , or a house to measure and account with the terrain. A construction company is hired to build the custom designed house for oneself and not for commercial purposes.

que es una promotora inmobiliaria

What is a construction company?

To carry out the project, the action of a construction company is essential, it is the company that will carry out the construction of the houses.

The construction company is in charge of selecting the work team to carry out the work, organizing the workers according to the specialized workforce in tasks necessary in each phase of the construction such as the foundations, work and finishes.

In the case of working not only in Spain, but in the rest of the world, it is considered as international construction company.

que es una constructora

What is a real estate ?

The real estate will be in charge of selling the houses once the construction company has finished the work or, also called, promotion. The real estate company can sell several promotions at the same time.

Clients are informed in the real estate agency about the homes they want to buy.

Normally a developer needs to have several developments in their portfolio in order to sustain their business, although there are some real estate managers that can work exclusively for a developer.

With this article we have explained the difference between developer, builder and real estate, now, if a buyer needs to make a claim against faults, damage or defects in the home, he will know perfectly who to do it and request the guarantee.

These construction claims should be addressed to the developer, since he is the one who carried out the construction and building project of the houses

que es una inmobiliaria

Construction companies in Madrid there are many, but it is important to know the reputation of a construction company to have guarantees of quality of construction of the chalet or homes that are being built. If you are a prestigious construction company, the homes will be well built with total security.

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