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▷ How to get it right when hiring a building rehabilitation company

Currently, we find in the market many companies that offer building renovation services in Madrid or in the rest of Spain. Knowing which one to choose is not an easy task, since the success of the project will depend on the quality of work that the façade and building rehabilitation company is capable of doing.

In this article we are going to explain the important aspects to consider when hiring a building rehabilitation company.

10 rules for choosing a façade restoration company

1- Plan the needs of the job .

The first thing you should do is to summarize in detail the needs of the project. With clear jobs it will be easier the task of looking for a building renovation company.

With this planning you will know the weight of each job that makes up the project and you will be able to decide better.

For example, if the facade of a building has to be rehabilitated, you can focus on locating facade rehabilitation companies since they will be specialized in this type of work.

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2- Look for nearby recommendations

Continuing with the example, if the existing need is the rehabilitation of a building’s façade, probably some neighboring building has passed or is going through the same situation , the president of the community of owners will have looked for some company specialized in façade remodeling and they will be able to advise you on the project, the prices or even on how they have carried out the work if it has already been carried out by the construction company they hired.

It is advisable that you inform yourself of this entire process because they will surely save you possible errors and facilitate the way.

3- Consultation of the completed project

The best way to know a company is by its work.

The works carried out by a construction company previously may show what type of company it is, a small construction company or a large construction company, the type of work they have done, if they have involved construction-labor of different specialties in the project, the deadlines in which they have finished, etc. They will give you a slight idea of the type of professionals you are evaluating.

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4- Opinions of Construction Companies from other clients

Most of the companies today have social networks or website. Many clients share their experiences on these pages so that other users can see them and find it useful, both positive and negative opinions of the jobs hired . Check out these pages of those construction companies you are considering.

5- Location of the company

The headquarters of the company is important when it is close mainly for one matter, cost savings . Being in the same town or city, the execution of the work will always be faster.

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6- Customer service

Asses from the first moment that you contact the building rehabilitation company or construction company the time it takes to answer your query .

If your response is delayed, this company will not have a culture of customer service, and it may be a reflection of the way they work on the job.

On the contrary, if they give you a quick and good response, convey interest in the client and, probably accompany you in all phases of the work to finish the project successfully, it can be a good point in favor.

7- History of the company

Know all the aspects of the company such as their years of experience, their solvency, if they have their own experienced construction workforce or if they subcontract construction companies with which they collaborate for specific jobs.

It will bring you closer to knowing if they are qualified to carry out the project.

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8- Financing

The remodeling or rehabilitation works of buildings and facades usually have a high cost of execution and it is important to know if the company, which finally carries out the project, has an adapted financing solution or installment plan for payment of the full amount.

9- Compare quotes

In order to find out if the price that is being budgeted for you is high, low or if it is in an appropriate cost line, it is essential to request at least three proposals in total.

Compare the type of work, the budgeted materials, the extra services that they can offer you and assess the advantages of each alternative.

10- Work licenses

Make sure that the construction and rehabilitation company is in charge of requesting any necessary permits for the execution of the work that you are going to carry out.

With these simple points you can rest easy when choosing a building and façade rehabilitation company. At Site and Field, construction company , we are specialized in rehabilitation work for old or historic buildings, we offer specialized labor for construction and industrial work both in Spain and outside our borders, numerous jobs and clients overwhelm us. If you wish to request any additional information for your project, you can contact us at