▷ How to decorate a luxury home

Exclusivity, elegance and originality are the basic concepts on which the decoration of luxury homes is based, where making a difference has a great relevance, regardless of whether it is a house, a villa or a mansion.

To make a good decoration in luxury houses it is important to consider some techniques and recommendations made by the experts, because there are several styles of interior decoration, but in this case the current trend is the minimalism.

Minimalist decoration of a luxury house villa mansion

Decoration of a luxury house, villa or mansion

All luxury home decoration is usually associated with ostentation and wealth, but it is not entirely true because items or objects of great value are not always used.

It is also not about rooting for old decorations or traditionalism, as a reference to the classic can be made, without strictly focusing on a single style.

Decoration of living rooms of a luxury home

To decorate one or more rooms in a luxurious home it is very important to take advantage of the available spaces so that they look large, that they have open areas and they communicate openly with each other easily; that is, it is best to avoid lifting unnecessary obstacles or walls.

As for the colors, the best alternative are light colors such as white, gray, beige and pastel tones because they denote spaciousness, neatness and harmony. You can also use some colored elements that contrast with them such as black, red and dark gray.

How to decorate a luxury mansion living room

The balance of tones is essential to make the most of the luminosity of the space so that it looks elegant and sober , so the walls, furniture and decorative elements must maintain a suitable harmony.

Materials such as glass, polished marbles, natural stones and metals are usually the most used when it comes to establishing the type of luxury home decoration that you want to make.

Decoration of the kitchen of a villa

The decoration of luxury kitchens is usually highlighted by the adequate distribution of all the elements such as large appliances, furniture, tables, among others, where the available space is used to the maximum to create a visual effect of spaciousness in the place.

Practicality, utility, neatness and simplicity are aspects that cannot be lacking when decorating a luxury kitchen, taking into account that it is one of the areas that is most used within the housing.

luxury kitchen decoration

Therefore, it is important that the luxury kitchen has attractive elements, but also with short distances, an ergonomic design and a suitable distribution of the furniture, to facilitate as much as possible all the tasks that are carried out there . In addition, you must take advantage of all the natural lighting that is possible and everything must be well ordered.

The design in this case depends directly on the tastes of the people who live there, as well as the characteristics of the place. For example, there are U-shaped, in-line, L-shaped, island-shaped and in-line parallel models.

It is best to opt for furniture in light colors, even with glass, half walls and fairly good lighting.

How to decorate the bedrooms of a luxury home

Luxury decorated bedrooms are mainly characterized by having furniture with simple and sober lines, which should be only the essential; that is, the bed, the bedside tables, a table, among others. Excess furniture can hamper the decor.

As for the colors , white and black are the most elegant, since the former brings more light and neatness to the environment, while black denotes elegance. When both are combined correctly they create a luxurious effect quite attractive.

However, this should not be a constant, since it is also valid to opt for pastel tones that give a warm and harmonious touch to any room. The curtains should close or open easily, in addition, they will have to be elegant and long.

decoration room bedroom luxury house

The colors and textiles that are used in the bed should be in the same style and combine very well with the other elements arranged in the room. Can not miss the cushions, in different sizes, which provide a very elegant touch, as well as the soft carpet next to the bed.

For lighting, the most elegant thing to do is to opt for lamps on each side of the bed, while for the ceiling it is best to use recessed lamps.

It is essential to maintain order and cleanliness in a luxury room, since in addition to being something very attractive, it promotes a feeling of tranquility and harmony, essential to guarantee a rest pleasurable.

Decoration of a luxury bathroom

All luxury bathrooms decorated mainly stand out for having good lighting, whether natural or artificial, as well as elegant elements and accessories such as a large bathtub that can be round, square or rectangular.

For the shower the best alternative is frameless glass doors, with shower heads that provide different types of water currents, which can be regulated to obtain the necessary relaxing effect.

The washbasin can be made of wood, glass, stone or hammered copper, depending on the other elements of the bathroom, since they are the most luxurious and elegant materials with which this room can be decorated.

how to decorate luxury bathroom

Countertops are essential for any luxury bathroom because they are usually an element that automatically attracts the eye of any visitor. They are made with sophisticated materials, with simple and elegant lines that go very well with the style created.

Both the walls and the floors can be made of wood, stone, marble or glass, since in addition to being very elegant, they tend to last a long time thanks to the fact that they are very resistant .

There are two main luxury bathroom vanities: one for women and one for men. They are placed together on a comfortable, practical and elegant wardrobe, with compartments for each user and sockets for the connection of the dryer, the iron, the razors, the curling irons, among others.

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