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▷ How to sell a rustic land or plot

Selling land in Spain is a fairly simple task or not depending on the area and if you are well advised, in this article we are going to comment on some aspects to take into account when you want to sell a land or a plot and we will advise you on how to sell a plot quickly:

Typical questions that arise when selling land

Legacy land can be sold

How to sell a piece of land or country estate?

If you have unbuilt land, how many times have you asked yourself, where can I sell my land? Also, what documents do I need to sell a land? Can you sell a inherited land? Relax, from Site and Field we are going to give you the information you need to know and, also, if land is sold in Malaga or Cádiz, we ourselves may be interested in buying it for you.

Selling land can be considered an opportunity when you are not making any profit on it. Sometimes it is difficult to sell a plot or land since it is not easy to find a buyer who wants to buy a plot to build a house.

In addition, selling land can be a good deal since country estates do not have to pay capital gains taxes.

Selling land, plots or farms is common but users are more informed about other types of sales, such as homes, garages or commercial premises. To sell a land you need to detail:

  • Size of the land or farm. Making a good description of the land is important to sell a land or farm. The buyer may have more interest in your land if he is knowledgeable about the essential aspects of the land, and more if he wants to buy land to build a house. Is a developable land for sale? Is a rustic land for sale? These types of issues should be clear.
  • Location of the terrain, where it is located exactly.
  • How much the square meter of land in the area is sold for. You must know if farms or plots have been sold in the area and for what price per square meter.
how to sell a land or rustic farm

Price of sale of land

The sale price of a land or parcel must be established considering the area in which it is located. If there have already been other land sales by other owners, you can investigate at what price it was sold to set your price.

You must think of a fair price and proportionate to the meters and the location of the land.

Another option to find out how much to sell a property for is to request an appraisal or land appraisal from a real estate agent or appraiser.

Years ago it was very common in Spain to set a sale and purchase price of the land below the real value, in this way both the buyer and the one who wanted to sell a farm saved taxes. Currently it is an action pursued by the different Haciendas and in case of detecting a fraudulent sale, both the buyer and the seller are exposed to be sanctioned.

Advertise a land to sell

Use different internet pages such as real estate portals, but also on social networks, local newspapers, etc. To advertise the sale of your land, the more ads you put up the better, and even more so if urgent cheap land is sold.

In this way, you will reach a wider audience and potential buyers of the land.

where can i sell my land

How much does a realtor charge to sell land?

The fees charged by a realtor for selling land will depend on several factors.

There are real estate agencies that charge a fixed amount regardless of the sale price of the land or farm. However, others carry a commission percentage on the sale price of the plot.

Nor is a local real estate agency, a small real estate agency, the same as a real estate agency that is part of a franchise network. In the same way, the means available to a large real estate agency are greater to promote and advertise that land is sold than a local real estate agency.

Expenses for selling land and taxes

When selling any property, you must face some expenses such as a real estate manager in case you have hired him to sell land and who can draw up a contract for the sale of the estate, notary fees, registration in the property registry, if the land has pending charges they must also be canceled, etc.

Steps to follow to sell land

What documents do I need to sell a piece of land?

To sell a land you need the following documents:

  • Scriptures. The deeds of a land is a document in which the owner of a land that he wants to sell and the buyer of this participate and a notary attests to the real estate operation.
  • What is the Registration Certificate. It is a document from the Property Registry in which the surface of the land, the name of the owner and if it has loads is detailed. It is signed by the registrar.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificate. This document specifies approximately the amount of light consumption that a property needs.

Can I sell legacy land ?

An inherited land can be sold once the inheritance has been accepted and adjudicated and said land has been registered in the Land Registry.

In this way, any potential buyer who consults in the Property Registry who is the owner of the land and if he has charges, these data must be updated.

What can be somewhat cumbersome in the face of an inheritance is when there is no will and who is the heir to the land has not been assigned and, this is when you have to consult with a notary and the relevant law to find out who they are the heirs.

I can sell a piece of my land

Who may be interested in buying my land?

At Site and Field we are interested in buying land for the construction of homes from owners who wish to sell their land in the following areas:

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If you want to sell a piece of land, contact us and we will help you throughout the process.

Steps to sell the land

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