Puedo instalar una piscina en una terraza

▷ Can I install a swimming pool on a terrace?

Terrace Pool Is it possible?

When summer arrived and in the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves motivated by the coronavirus, the number of inquiries we received about the possibility of installing a swimming pool in an attic or terrace has increased.

Specifically, there are those who live in an apartment (with a large terrace, solarium or roof terrace) and who, given the current circumstances, consider “putting a pool on my terrace”. Installing a pool, Jacuzzi or spa on a terrace can be a great idea that will help us to better cope and relax.

But ... Can you put a swimming pool on a terrace ?

Legislation in Spain does not indicate anything specific about the use of portable swimming pools, nor where and how to place them on terraces or balconies. It does indicate that each square meter of slab must be capable of supporting 200kg. In general, it can be said that you can install a swimming pool in an attic , unless some municipal regulation or the community of owners limit it. Some neighboring communities have a swimming pool on the roof of the building.

To have an attic or terrace with pool it is necessary to have a technical study carried out by professionals that analyzes the structure of the building, as well as the maximum weight it can support; also necessary in the case of models of removable pools or inflatable pools. lightweight prefabricated pools are the most recommended for installation in small or complex spaces.

piscinas especiales para terrazas

Will I have to reinforce the terrace to put a pool?

The first question that arises is whether the structure of the building will withstand the weight of a swimming pool, the water and the people who bathe. The answer will depend on the type of pool and especially the height of the pool water . It is very important to assess the situation in which the pool will be located and its dimensions. It is important to avoid the spans between pillars or cantilevers. The ideal is to place the pool on the vertical structure of the building. If we want to install a Jacuzzi on the terrace it should be away from the overhang, just as we would place a small pool in an attic.

The first thing we should do is consult the building’s execution project, in it we will find the structural calculations made by the engineer in which he will specify the overload that the terrace admits. These data will help us to find out and decide whether it is necessary to carry out any constructive solution prior to the installation of a swimming pool in an attic.

These recommendations serve us well if we are considering installing a construction pool, installing one prefabricated pool or an inflatable or portable pool, since the risk of subsidence exists in all cases if it is not carried out by a professional.

Thermo pools or spa pools are characterized by their light structure unlike concrete pools.

When a house project is being carried out and it is planned to install a swimming pool on the terrace it is possible to recalculate the parameters of the structure to be able to place the pool in complete safety.

From Site and Field we always recommend consulting a trusted architect or surveyor who will alleviate all the questions that you ask with professional knowledge. If you want to make a technical query, you can contact us here .

How to calculate the maximum weight of a terrace pool

To calculate the weight of a pool on a terrace and to know if its installation is feasible, it is necessary to calculate the volume of the pool, which will depend on its geometric shape. The most typical is rectangular, and it is calculated by multiplying the size of one side by the other and by the height, if we do it in meters that gives you the cubic meters. The equivalence in weight is 1 cubic meter of water = 1000 Kg.

With that calculation we have the weight of the water, then we must add the weight of the pool, which you should ask the manufacturer if it is prefabricated pools.

Most decks can support the weight of a lightweight Jacuzzi. At Site and Field we have the ideal outdoor Jacuzzi spa solution for terraces.

Installing a pool on the roof is possible, the most important aspect to consider is the overload weight for the structure and not so much the weight of the pool.

se puede instalar una piscina en una terraza

Is a swimming pool on the terrace safe?

When we carry out a installation of a swimming pool on a terrace we need to make the calculation more extreme than when the installation is on a plot. It may be the case that the pool requires the installation of reinforcements in the support area to distribute the load.

Site and Field, apart from an international construction company, is a swimming pool installation company with the latest technology, and the security of our pools is the largest of our premises, so we study every detail of execution so that it meets all the necessary safety requirements whatever the case may be, such as mounting a pool in a building, install a Jacuzzi on a rooftop or install a prefabricated pool on a terrace or put a pool in small spaces or very small.

One aspect that is of great concern to our customers is the safety of a swimming pool in an attic and we are often asked, can you put a swimming pool on a terrace ? The biggest consequence that can cause is that the terrace sinks by the pool. The most important thing is to have a company specialized in the installation of light pools for attics such as Site and Field, its professional and experienced team, with the technical capacity necessary to carry out the waterproofing of the vessel, the reinforcement of the structure, as well as the rest of the works necessary for the construction of a swimming pool or jacuzzi with total security and maximum guarantee.

Price of a pool for a terrace

The price of a swimming pool is variable since they affect a series of conditions such as dimensions, qualities, finishes, type of terrace, etc. They do not allow us to provide a standard budget for any case, each need is valued in a particular way.

If you are looking for the best pool for terraces , the Site and Field thermal pools are sure to fit your needs.

What is necessary to set up a swimming pool on the terrace ?

Placing a swimming pool in an attic or terrace involves some additional cost to a swimming pool installation on a plot or plot, since some cost such as a crane must be added to lift the materials or special permits. of works, which differs according to the city council; municipal technicians must also be consulted to ensure the viability of the work.

We remind that thermo-pools, being removable and modular, are especially suitable for installations in complicated situations such as an attic, since the parts are made to measure, and unlike a conventional spa, which comes in a single block, it is infinitely It is easier to go up to a rooftop a swimming pool in parts than in a single piece.

If the construction of a swimming pool or swim spa is carried out at the same time as the building, it will not bring much disorder.

How much does the maintenance of a swimming pool on a terrace cost?

Another of the most consulted questions when considering making a pool on the terrace is about the cost of maintenance. Well, a pool on a duplex terrace, for example, or a pool on a very small terrace will depend on factors such as the temperature at which you want to have the water , the warmer the water the more cost it will entail.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider thermal insulation (walls, pipes, water surface …). In this case, if we talk about a thermo-pool or prefabricated pool, the advantages are greater than conventional pools since their installation is fast, water temperature control, customizable finishes, adaptable to different measures and particular needs.

Which is better: a construction pool or a prefabricated pool?

If you have a large plot and the dimensions of the pool are going to be large, you can think of a built-in pool, but be careful with the weights. However, for the installation of a pool on a small or medium terrace, the most suitable solution is a prefabricated pool.

The modular pool allows you to fully customize the project, from shape, size or finishes.

Is special insurance needed to mount a swimming pool in an attic?

It is not necessary, but it must be considered that the swimming pool on the terrace belongs to the owner of the property and it must be he who responds before possible damages, so his insurance coverage should be extended.

The thermal pools from Site and Field are characterized by the possibility of installation in complex places, their self-supporting and modular system allows construction in the most difficult places. They guarantee great resistance to water loads due to their lightweight structure. Its energy savings represent significant cost savings.

This modular pool model is especially suitable for construction of swimming pools in hotels, on the roofs of residential buildings or as a private attic pool. For any questions or if you need to mount a pool on a terrace, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote info@siteandfield.com