Mantenimiento de piscinas jacuzzis para terrazas aticos

▷ Maintenance of swimming pools or jacuzzis for terraces or attics

How do I properly maintain my pool or jacuzzi?

In this unusual summer that we have lived, it has been fortunate for those who have been able to have a small pool on the terrace , even more so if they live with children since it will have been a path escape for the little ones.

During the time of enjoyment of the pool on the terrace, care should be taken in the pool and from Site and Field we will explain how to perform the maintenance of pools or jacuzzis properly even if it is a removable pool maintenance.

Many pool owners did not properly maintain the pool during the winter and were forced to empty, clean the bottom, refill the pool glass, and reset the pH and sanitizer parameters.

Water is a limited and scarce resource , we have become aware of it, and every time we are trying to keep it in good condition by maintaining the pool.

mantenimiento jacuzzi terraza

But ... is necessary the maintenance of a small pool?

You may think that being a small terrace pool does not need maintenance as it has little water, but it is not. In addition, if the building is located in central areas, and has a jacuzzi on the top floor, that is, a pool in the attic, the heat and pollution of a city affect . And, that is why, we must take greater control of the chemical parameters and the purification of the water.

With pool maintenance we will extend the life of the pool , both on the inside and outside of the pool. Carrying out periodic maintenance will also protect the health of bathers.

Constant maintenance in the small pool for the terrace will give us peace of mind. Probably, under the pool or jacuzzi in the attic there will be a home and we must monitor possible water leaks. But do not panic, this does not have to happen if the pool is maintained correctly, although we do recommend contracting an insurance that can cover the possible damages that may arise.

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Maintaining the pool water

Water is the main element to maintain in a pool , be it a modular or removable pool.

You have to balance the water perfectly so that the chlorine disinfectant does its job properly and kills bacteria and germs.

If the pool is poorly balanced it can also damage the eyes and skin of the bathers, as well as damage the liners, pump or stairs.

In the case of jacuzzis, there are those that are emptied every time they are used, in that case the maintenance of the water is not relevant.

mantenimiento jacuzzi atico

Optimal values of a swimming pool

Whether it is construction, prefabricated pools or modular or a removable pool, the Pool water contains minerals. With the incidence of the sun, the water in the pool tends to evaporate and the minerals that remain are concentrated.

For this reason, we must periodically fill the pool with water and drain it, thus maintaining the balance of the water and the chemical additives used to achieve optimal water quality perform their function.

The values that a pool must have must be the following:


The PH level of a pool must be between 7.2 and 7.6


The alkalinity reading should be between 80 and 120 ppm.


The calcium hardness of water can range from 200 to 300 ppm

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How to clean the bottom of a removable pool or a small pool on the terrace?

We can remove dirt from the bottom of a pool with different options:

The pole is the manual way of cleaning the bottom of a swimming pool. This method will not allow us to collect everything since the filter cloth allows small particles to pass through, but it will help us to collect leaves and other dirt.

Another option is to perform a bypass in the suction pump that we will connect with a pool cleaner hose through two PVC valves, some elbows and pipes, the pool can be cleaned. The dirt it collects is greater when using the filtration system that already exists in the pool.

Finally, there are automatic pool cleaners for which it is necessary to have a pool cleaner socket and a motor, so it is not a viable option for a removable pool.

At Site and Field, we are experts in construction of modular swimming pools that already bring their appropriate cleaning system to the pool that is installed and we give the pertinent instructions for its maintenance.

Pool maintenance in winter

Depending on the area of the Spanish geography that we are in, it may be that the most reasonable thing is to cover it to protect it adequately if it is not going to be used.

The important thing to maintain a pool in winter, whether the pool is in an attic or on a plot, is to cover it properly with a quality canvas that covers well, preventing the access of insects, leaves, dust, etc.

A good pool maintenance in winter will allow you to obtain great water savings for the next season.

At Site and Field we carry out the construction of pools in attics, terraces both for private use and also the construction of swimming pools for hotels. Our modular thermopools and spas is suitable for complex spaces. Modular manufacturing allows us to save assembly time and labor.

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