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▷ Office reforms to achieve pleasant workspaces in a pandemic

Offices and work centers with the pandemic have had to adapt. Maintaining social distances also at work has been a fundamental and necessary measure. Until now comprehensive office renovations were carried out due to the expansion and growth of the company requiring more work spaces and optimizing rooms.

The reform in the office is always well received by the workers, since they consider that the company values their well-being and takes the trouble to adapt the workspace to them, implementing a modern office.

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Office reforms turnkey

The workplace must be harmonious and inspire among workers. For this reason, the design of an office must be adequate to environmental, psychological and operational factors to increase the production of workers .

Common or rest areas should also be valued since it is an area of integration and communication between workers.

Companies increasingly want to have modern offices, but it is not possible to stop the activity while the office reform is underway . Site and Field, is a good office renovation company, carrying out all the turnkey office renovation, from the design to the execution of the project through all phases, turnkey construction.

Tips to reform an office:

1.- Trust in a company specialized in office renovations

The first recommendation is to trust a true expert in renovation and comprehensive office renovations. With a company specialized in office renovations you will have the entire technical team, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, etc. to carry out the work successfully.

This is a great advantage, especially because of cost savings in the office reform work and helps to have a good project planning.

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2.- Design of the project to reform the office

It is important to contact the office renovation company from the first moment as it will help you to carry out a good project for remodeling the spaces and a budget according to the real needs.

The renovation company is aware of the costs of the materials, the hour hand, the time required for execution.

Plus, being a turnkey construction site, it will avoid cost overruns and help you prioritize the most needed and urgent jobs.

The joint work between the property and the renovation company will help to correctly specify the project specifications.

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3.- Consideration of possible modifications

Although a turnkey work has the advantage of having items with closed costs. Sometimes, it may happen that a mishap occurs with some construction material that had not been contemplated.

By entrusting the reform to an expert office renovation company, you will always have an alternative to remedy this problem and delays will be avoided.

4.- Planning of the reform work

At the beginning of the project, a schedule will be established to help plan construction work . An extra time of appropriate margin will be added in case something unforeseen arises, but having everything well planned will be able to inform you of any setback that may occur.

The end of work time must be realistic, a good office renovation company with experience in the sector will know how to correctly adjust the calendar to the different phases of the work.

planificacion de la obra de reforma

5.- Fluid communication between the parties

Good, constant and fluid communication is one of the bases for the success of any work of construction.

Report on the steps that are being taken and the progress of the work to the property is necessary. In addition, you should quickly inform yourself of any changes that may occur.

6.- Review and control of the reform work

Monitoring of the work must occur frequently. If there is any aspect that is not being carried out as agreed, there will be time to solve it early and quickly.
revision y control de la obra

Site and Field is a construction company in Madrid specialized in office renovations nationwide.

We take care of the turnkey work managing all phases offering comprehensive solutions of construction. If you need a comprehensive reform of the office, do not hesitate to contact us, we adapt to the needs of our clients. With our turnkey construction service, we save time and costs, always meeting customer expectations.