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▷ Site and Field earns State Contractor Classification

What is the State Contractor Classification

The classification of State contractor is an essential condition for the Administration to establish which companies and with what category they can contract with the different State, local, regional or state administrations.

With this classification, it is possible to submit to a tender or public tender for works whose amount exceeds € 350,000.

contratista del estado madrid

Which Statement grants the State Contractor Classification

The Administrative Contracting Consultative Board , which depends on the Ministry of Finance , is the body responsible for such processing.

After reviewing and analyzing all the documentation presented, the economic and technical solvency capacity of the construction company Site and Field to access public works contracts has been confirmed.

Specifically, the construction company located in Madrid, but with an international presence and construction projects, meets the following requirements:

  • Be legally constituted and registered in the Registry .
  • The corporate purpose of the construction company complies with the activities for which it wants to obtain the contractor classification.
  • The company is registered in the epigraphs of the IAE (Tax on Economic Activities) corresponding to the activities for which it wants to obtain the classification.
  • Be up to date with obligations and not have charges with the Treasury and Social Security.
  • Have financial capacity and solvency.
  • Have the necessary human and technical resources to carry out the activity.

Therefore, Site and Field is registered in the official registry of classified companies of the State with the details of the company data and the groups, subgroups and categories in which it has been classified.

This is one more step within the growth strategy of the construction company to access public tenders, expand the client portfolio by accessing new contracts, and increase the reputation of Site and Field.