tipos de construccion

▷ Types of construction, classification and sorts

Today, there are different types of construction ranging from simple homes, luxury homes, to large buildings and other enclosures. All of them have a series of peculiarities that allow classifying the type of works according to the nature of the structure they have and the regulations that govern the sector.

To learn more about the construction of buildings, keep reading, we are going to explain everything related to construction, definition and type of works.

Classification according to the type of constructions

Classification according to type of construction

Commercial constructions

Construcciones comerciales

This is a non-residential building, definition, it refers to a structure specifically constituted by offices, shops and restaurants. In the case in which the stores are associated with others, they are shopping centers, which have large dimensions.

Similarly, in the case of restaurants, they can be part of a fast food chain or be autonomous, located in shopping centers or towers.

The offices that you find within this definition of type of construction are usually part of structures on a much larger scale; they can even be located in skyscraper-type building constructions.

Residential constructions

Construcciones residenciales tipos

This is the type of works that refers to buildings specifically designed for residential use, where the most traditional structure today is the house.

Another type of residential construction are apartments and residential buildings. In the case of the construction of buildings for several families, we are talking about medium-scale residences, since the large-scale ones are skyscrapers.

Institutional constructions

Construcciones institucionales

This is another non-residential building that refers to the types of construction created especially to serve the members of a municipality, such as hospital buildings, fire stations, the police station, stadiums, courts, parks and public bodies that run the State.

Industrial constructions

Construcciones industriales

Another type of non-residential building is one that is intended exclusively for industrial use; In other words, in which it is carried out to carry out manufacturing, processing and development work of any type of products or materials, here would enter the construction of industrial buildings.

This is one of the types of construction that is normally done separately from urban centers, with the aim of guaranteeing maximum security, since most of these companies represent a source of pollution.

In this area, the construction of industrial buildings can be done at different scales, since it can be treated from the construction of an industrial estate with a set of industrial buildings or warehouses or just an isolated industrial warehouse.

Construction of public works

Construccion de obras publicas

This category would be within the definition of non-residential building, since it is construction work that is carried out under the promotion of the public administration, with the aim of providing one or more benefits for the community.

In this case, the contracting for these types of construction of public works is done through a tender or contest, although there is also the direct contracting process.

Within public works there are different types such as: buildings of a sanitary, educational, administrative nature, among others; infrastructure for transport, such as the construction of roads, highways, roads, highways, pipelines, railways, airports, canals and ports.

Also in this group are infrastructures for urban use such as public lighting, parks, streets, sidewalks, among others, as well as hydraulic infrastructures such as distribution networks, dams, reservoirs, treatment plants, among others.

What types of construction exist in accordance with regulatory standards ?

In accordance with the regulations governing the construction sector, it is possible to classify construction types by classes as :

Classification according to regulatory standards

Type A - Steel Structure

construccion tipo a acero

These are the types of construction that are characterized by having a structure or support made of steel, slabs made of reinforced concrete or mezzanines made of steel profiles.

Type B - Concrete Structure

construccion tipo b hormigon

In this group are all the buildings that have a reinforced concrete structure as a support. Also the types of construction that have a mixed structure of reinforced concrete and steel.

Type C - Brick Structure

construccion tipo c ladrillo

They are the constructions that have brick walls as a support, which are between concrete chains and pillars, as well as those that have mezzanines with wooden frameworks or slabs made with reinforced concrete.

Type D - Stone Structure

clasificacion construccion tipo d piedra

These are the types of construction that generally have as a support walls made of stone or blocks , which are between reinforced concrete chains and pillars, as well as those with half-timbered floors made of wood or slabs made with reinforced concrete.

Type E - Wood Structure

clase construccion tipo e madera

They are the buildings that have wood as a support structure, as well as those that have cardboard fiber cement panels, plaster, among others, wooden panels and partitions of the same material. Here are also the structures with wooden mezzanines.

Type F - Adobe Structure

construccion tipo f adobe

In this classification are constructions made of earth, adobe, cement and other materials that are light and plumb with cement, where the mezzanines are made of wood.

Type G - Prefabricated House with Metallic Structure

construccion tipo g prefabricada metalica

In this category, prefabricated constructions that have a metallic structure stand out, with prefabricated concrete, cardboard, plaster or wooden panels.

Type H - Wood Frame Prefabricated House

construccion tipo h prefabricada madera

These are the buildings that are prefabricated of wood, with wooden panels, cardboard, plaster, fiber cement, among others.

Type I - Prefabricated House with Fiber Cement structure

construccion tipo i prefabricada fibrocemento

It is the classification in which are the constructions with panels or plates made of polyethylene, whose panels are made of fiber cement, light concrete and polystyrene located between a steel mesh, destined to receive the sprayed mortar.

All of these are the types of construction that exist today. Each of them has very specific characteristics that have allowed them to be classified into the aforementioned categories. Site & amp; Field is a Spanish construction company located in Madrid, specialized in Luxury Villas in Andalusia, Marbella, Cádiz and with its own structure in some European and Eastern countries that carries out construction work for private and public funds with the highest quality and guarantee for clients.