what is a real estate personal shopper

▷ What is a real estate personal shopper?

The term personal shopper is increasingly used, widely used in the fashion sector, but this concept is also applied to the real estate sector, specifically to the purchase of houses, hence the real estate personal shopper.

A real estate personal shopper must have knowledge of both the real estate market and personal skills , since 2010 the number of real estate personal shoppers has increased by 50% according to the AEPSI.

Well, to understand all this we will start by translating the term into Spanish. It would be a personal shopper, therefore, a personal shopper would buy things of all kinds, depending on what the client requests, adapting to their needs, making intelligent and professional purchases, or because the client does not understand so much about what want to buy or due to lack of time.

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How is a personal real estate consultant different from a real estate personal shopper?

The big difference is that, although both are professionals in the real estate sector, the real estate personal shopper is in charge of advising only on the purchase of houses, while a personal real estate advisor or a real estate agent intervenes both in the purchase and sale of homes, can be both a person and an agency, which may have more than one real estate agent.

What many real estate agencies do is hire the services of a real estate personal shopper, they do not necessarily work only on their own.

In short, the main difference is that both work in our interests, but the personal shopper also takes into account our tastes, circumstances and needs. The real estate agent or advisor will show us the best houses and the best prices, but regardless of our opinions and actions, as the name says, it will be based mainly on advising.

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What characteristics should a real estate personal shopper have?

  • You have to know how to deal with the customer , how to tell them things.
  • You have to know how to listen to all the needs, proposals and opinions of the client.
  • You must have current knowledge of the real estate market.
  • Must be empathetic and patient with the client.
  • Must have training in learning and coaching.
  • He must have a flair for people.
  • Must look good.
  • You must know how to manage all bureaucratic procedures.
  • You must have command of different languages to be able to serve foreign home buyers.

What are the functions that the personal shopper performs to deal with customers?

  • Know the client in depth , through a personal interview, he will receive the client’s requests and assess his real needs.
  • Establish objectives in a roadmap based on the characteristics that the home you are looking for must meet, such as the area, the years or the style. It will evaluate if the best option is to rent a house or, on the contrary, build a house on a plot.
  • A contract is made and signed and the client pays for the services.
  • Search for homes and select them to present different options to the client.
  • Carry out the process of negotiation with the seller . Reservations, deeds and the entire democratic process are handled by the personal advisor for home buyers.
  • Once the home is purchased, you must take care of the subsequent procedures and above all make sure that the client is happy with the services.
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Advantages of a real estate personal shopper

  • Saving time and visits: the real estate personal shopper spends more time visiting homes than the buyer, performs a first filter taking into account tastes and needs, so the buyer will optimize your time aiming only the proposed selection.
  • Lower price: thanks to the knowledge of the real estate personal shopper, their experience and their knowledge in negotiation, the final prices in the purchase of the house will be more adjusted.
  • Architects and lawyers included: On the contrary, if it is managed personally by the buyer, with a real estate personal shopper the services of lawyers and architects are already included in their fees, and that it makes work much easier and saves money.
  • Peace of mind and security: having experience in the real estate sector gives confidence to have the services of a professional who will get good prices or, at least, fair prices.
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How long does a personal shopper buy a home?

It will depend a lot on the needs of the client, since it is not the same that the client wants to buy a common house model, that he wants to buy luxury houses that are more difficult to find and that more time is needed for their negotiation, although the average is usually a nine weeks until it is signed.

But in general, the buyer saves about four months in the search for the house than if he did it without help.

The client may want to invest in the purchase of a new home, but there are foreigners who want to make an investment on the Costa del Sol or Cádiz and request the construction of a villa or house from a construction company. The personal real estate shopper will take care of the management of finding the best construction company in Costa del Sol or the best construction company in Cádiz that covers and guarantees the needs of its client.

Continuing with the example, the personal real estate consultant must begin by analyzing the most exclusive areas in which to suggest to his client to buy the land on which to build a high-quality single-family home. He will analyze the cost of the square meter, the different options depending on the type of house that the buyer wants and with that, he will make a proposal.

If the buyer accepts the purchase of a plot in Costa del Sol or Cádiz, he will then select a construction company to prepare the construction project for the villa or house, after negotiating the cost of building the casa This company will be in charge of the building license and the rest of the procedures to carry out the construction of a house and construction management.

At Site and Field we have extensive experience in international construction that has allowed us to assess and serve foreign and national clients who invest in Costa del Sol and Cádiz speaking the same language.

By having a construction company headquarters in Cádiz, we can effectively meet construction commitments in Costa del Sol. We are rigorous in meeting deadlines and budgets and are transparent throughout the execution of the construction of the villa or house. If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.