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▷ What to know before buying land to build a house

Search and find the perfect land to build a prefabricated house or a modular house is the first and most important thing in the process of build a custom house , according to your tastes. Once we have the purchased plot it will condition the construction of the house, so next, we tell you what to know before buying a land and a few steps to follow so that you know how to choose the land well.

The most common is to focus the search for a plot in an area that meets the requirements for family, work and / or academic reasons . Once we have located the area that we like, we must know the services that it has, such as access, public transport, health centers, shopping centers, sports spaces, parks, schools and educational centers …

Steps to follow to buy land to build a house

How to find a land to build a modular, prefabricated or concrete house

Next, we explain in detail the steps to follow to buy a land and then build a house on a land.

1 · Search land in local newspapers and magazines

Sometimes the property of the farm publishes ads for the sale of land and plots to build in local press, it is very advisable to take a look to be among the first </ b> to contact.

2 · Real estate portals online with option to buy land

On the internet there are pages whose objective is real estate sales, there are specific sections to buy land, such as, If you want to buy land in Madrid, you can go directly to the following link: , etc.

3 · Real estate agencies

This is one of the oldest ways to share seller with buyer, may not be the most convenient option since these agencies always carry a commission for their services, and many times they do not try so hard to sell these lands because their prices are lower than a house and, therefore, affects the volume of their commission.

4· Networking

Word of mouth always works, if your environment knows that you are looking for land, it may be that someone knows who sells.

Bank employees often know about buying and selling movements , tell them that you may be interested in buying a plot, they will surely provide some contact for them You can always generate an economic transaction that benefits them, and that is why they tend to be aware of these operations.

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5 · Mobile applications or Apps to buy land

Together with the most famous online real estate Apps like the ones we’ve pointed out before, also known applications like Wallapop are another option for this type of sales, Before buying a land you should make sure that everything is legal , since in the purchase of land there are official procedures and all that costs money.

6 · Posters in the area of purchase and sale of land

If you frequent the area and observe, you may find a poster or canvas with the seller’s contact, or if you ask people who live nearby, they may provide you with information.

7 · Place ads on portals or press with land purchase section

It is a very classic but effective method, place a local ad or through an online medium informing about the purchase interest of a building land of a custom house.

What should you know before buying land to build a house?

1 · Verification of the urban development of the plot

The first thing you need to know is that the value of a land is given by the fact that it can be built on that plot .

You must request the City Council of the municipality where you want to build your house the Certificate of Urban Development , to know reliably if you are going to buy a building land.

2 · Verification of ownership and state of land loads

In the Property Registry you must ask for a simple note to ensure that the property has no charges (mortgages, liens, usufruct, etc.) ..)

It is always better to take the trouble to take unpleasant surprises, and really these are the order of the day.

Factors to consider for the construction of the house if we are going to buy building land

1 · Orientation and views

Depending on the tastes of each one, the desired orientation options should be well considered.

If the plot is open on all sides, or if it is attached to some type of construction, you should know that the South, Southeast or Southwest orientations will receive more light solar that if the orientation is to the North.

If it is open this doubt will be with the dependencies, where I orient the lounge, the rooms … the location of the pool. If it is a complex location, you will always have the option of the new thermopools , a real marvel.

2 · Slope and shape of the land

Usually the more flat a terrain is, the easier it will be to build on it . In fact, if the land is very arisco, surely it is very depreciated, if you have an easy and economical way to smooth the land on your own, you can save a lot of money.

Through a topographic study the slopes and characteristics of the plot are assessed, this is done before starting the project.

3 · Type of ground

Through a geotechnical study, the foundation and possible construction problems that can make the construction of a house difficult are analyzed.

This is necessary because only with a visual exploration it is not possible to appreciate at what depth the firm layer on which it is to be built is located.

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4 · Access to the land

It is a fact to consider both for the realization of the construction works of the house and for the development of daily life in it.

5 · Type of urbanization (private or attached to the City Council)

Before buying a land, knowing the type of urbanization helps us to know if we will have to face possible expenses alone or, without the farm is integrated into an urbanization and we will have to face maintenance costs of common spaces.

In private urbanizations there may be additional costs of urbanization and maintenance of common spaces.

6 · Services (electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, sewerage ...)

It is always a good idea to check if these services exist and if the connections reach the plot. In particular, it would be necessary to check if such services exist and if the connections arrive at the foot of the plot , because if not, we must talk to all the companies involved and assume the costs that this entails.

7 · Special limitations on land purchase

It is becoming more frequent than we think, in some cases, the vegetation may be protected , so it requires a special adaptation or limitation to when planning your home.

Contact the competent authorities before proceeding with the felling of a single tree.

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Build a house on own land

The Municipal Regulations of each locality determine the meters of house that can be built on a plot, and the conditions of shape, location, heights and surfaces.

These are public data that are reflected in an urban development certificate provided by the municipality in question:

1 · Qualification and use

The appropriate qualification to build a villa is urban land and its residential use . Building homes on land that is not developable or rustic is not allowed except for some very specific exceptions set in municipal legislation.

2 · Buildable

It is the amount of square meters of housing that can be built in relation to the size of the plot. It is usually expressed by a coefficient that, multiplied by the plot meters, allows to obtain the maximum built meters of house .

3 · Heights

Set the maximum number of heights in your home.

4 · Occupation

Is the coefficient that limits the maximum size of the house on the floor .

5 · Retranqueos and borders

They are the minimum separations to maintain with the facade line and with the adjacent plots when placing the villa on the plot.

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Guarantees the purchase of your land

Site and Field makes a land report that consists of analyzing the starting plot, whether owned or purchased, from the physical point of view , urban and legal.

The necessary topographic and leveling studies are carried out to know the real surface of the farm, the unevennesses.

Water, light and sanitation connections are located to calculate the costs of your layout.

Through this report our team of technicians and lawyers will check the viability of the purchase of the land assessing if you have any type of load and know the qualification of the soil and construction possibilities. With this, you can have guarantees that the land meets the needs required for your housing project.

If you want to calculate the price of building a house, if you are interested in modular houses, prefabricated houses or concrete houses. You do not decide on which plot to choose and you need technical, legal or, simply know the price for the construction of a villa, get in touch with us and we will gladly help you.

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