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▷ Construction of an industrial warehouse, step by step

In the area of industrial construction is the construction of industrial buildings. Industrial buildings are used in the production or storage of materials or products of a company, it can also contain machinery. They are large and open spaces to facilitate the transit of people and goods without obstacles.

Step by step for the construction of an Industrial Warehouse

To start the construction project of an industrial warehouse we must specify the purpose of the building, what activity will be carried out in it, based on this there will be specific legislation to respect, in addition to the CTE.

The necessary size of the warehouse is also important, the construction of agricultural warehouses or the construction of livestock warehouses on rustic land is very different from industrial warehouses located in polygons, therefore, the use and its location is important.

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Whether it is the case of an individual who wants to build a warehouse on rustic land or if it is to build an industrial warehouse for a company, there are important aspects that must be taken into account, we explain them below: 

Step by step for the construction of an industrial warehouse

Terrain analysis

First, an analysis or geotechnical study of the soil must be carried out. Depending on the terrain on which the warehouse is to be built, one type of foundation or another will be decided.


A solid base must be built since it will be in charge of transferring the weight of the structure to the ground. They can be pile caps with precast or in situ piling, foundation slab, isolated footings with tie beams, among others …

Ship structure type

The structure is the backbone of the ship. A metal structure or a concrete structure will be chosen depending on the needs of the industrial building construction project, even a mixed use can be considered by combining steel and concrete structures that allows a multitude of geometries to be made with significant cost savings.

The metallic structures are made with metallic profiles, they can be laminated, and they are placed in a simple way or joined with clips several profiles, forming porticoes or lattices. Its construction is very agile and large illuminated spaces can be obtained.

Precast concrete structures are used to build large halls. With this type of concrete structure, the pillars can be larger than in metal structures. On the other hand, as it is a concrete structure, it does not need fireproofing, a process that is necessary with metallic structures. Its construction is faster and the lighting is limited.

In-place concrete structures are the cheapest, but also the most limited in terms of lighting.

There are warehouses with several floors or with offices, it is important to know the loads that the slab will bear in order to choose the best system or solution. Among the types of slabs we can count on detailing precast slabs, slabs with sheet metal, unidirectional or bidirectional slabs, etc.

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Among the alternatives of materials to build the walls we find, sandwich panels, concrete panels, concrete blocks, etc.

It is also possible to combine several materials, with this the perimeter of the warehouse is covered, leaving only the spaces for the necessary doors and windows.


The cover is a very important element in any construction, depending on the needs or its use we will select the most appropriate one.

We can opt for flat roofs or, for example, walkable, but within industrial construction the most common is to place a sandwich panel and translucent panels to take advantage of natural light in the warehouse.

Facade of the ship

Depending on the purpose of the warehouse, a more or less aesthetic façade will be needed to give the construction personality, from basic finishes such as exposed concrete block enclosures to innovative construction solutions such as ventilated facades.

Experts in construction of industrial buildings

All these aspects must be valued when building an industrial warehouse, in addition, it is important to have a professional team, Site and Field is a construction company with demonstrable experience in carrying out industrial and civil construction.

If you need to know the price to build an industrial warehouse or the cost of construction of an industrial warehouse m 2, do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you without obligation, we are endorsed our experience in the construction of industrial buildings.

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